Beginners Guide to Supplements

Beginners Guide to Supplements

You may have experienced walking into a supplement store or visiting an online supplement site, and feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. With hundreds of options and so much information, it’s difficult to know what supplements are right for you. G-Force Nutrition has developed a line of performance supplements perfect for fitness enthusiasts at every stage–from skilled bodybuilders and professional athletes to those just embarking on their fitness journey.

If you’re unsure where to start with performance supplements, we’ll give you a breakdown of some of our most popular supplements, how to take these workout supplements, and how you’ll benefit from each product. 

1) PreMeditate-Stimulated Preworkout 

PreMeditated Stimulated pre workout supplement

Our Preworkout - PreMeditated is designed to help get you through the toughest workouts. With a little over 2.5 cups of coffee worth of caffeine, it helps give you a boost of energy to kick things into high gear. 

We’ve also added ingredients to help you focus, giving you that “in the zone” feeling, and included nitric oxide elements to increase blood flow, allowing you to work out longer and harder with less muscle fatigue. 

For the days you lack the motivation to get to the gym, simply mix a half scoop of PreMeditated with 8 oz. of water 15-20 minutes before your workout. We recommend assessing your tolerance for the first few times and then increasing it to a full scoop if needed. 

2) PreEmptive - Non-Stim Pump Matrix 

PreEmptive Non-stim preworkout

PreEmptive is a versatile product that can be used on its own or combined with PreMeditated. This is a non stim prework, giving you the added focus and nitric oxide support without the addition of caffiene. 

This product is great for anyone who may be caffeine-sensitive or whose schedule puts them at the gym later in the day/evening. 

You can expect laser-like focus and increased blood flow with this product. And if you stack it with PreMeditated, it gives you a combination that will help you make it through the toughest workouts. 

We recommend taking one scoop 20 minutes before heading to the gym. Or, you can combine a half scoop with PreMeditated for those days you really need to PUSH in the gym. 

3) NeuroSurge 

NeuroSurge Nootropic brain enhancement

One of our favorite products. In today's world, where distractions are everywhere, NeuroSurge cuts through the clutter and gives you the focus you need in and out of the gym to perform at the highest level. 

NeuroSurge will help you “lock in” at the gym, in a meeting, or working on that big project that's approaching the deadline; you can expect laser-like focus to keep you zoned in on the task ahead. We love this product for everyday use. 

Start with one pill 30 minutes before your workout or occasion. Once tolerance is assessed, you can increase to two or three pills for added focus if needed. This can also be paired with any other products before heading to the gym. 

To learn more about these supplements. 

We hope you found value in our beginner’s guide to supplements. We pride our selves in keeping transparency when it comes to products, from the ingredients we use to how we use them, and we’re confident that with our supplements, you’ll see better results faster. We encourage you to try out a few of our products, leave us reviews, and send us feedback to let us know what we can do to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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